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Download mod_waklog

[ MD5 = 86773318e765a42ad552ba3a754ff26d ]
[ SHA1 = 1d811e46d50a9fe4b2534f1dbf50af301860a070 ]
[ RMD160 = 7360cde80e64bf35071d32ac004c9624f44e68bc ]

mod_waklog 0.8.0
[ MD5 = 937f4c7c42c9c3267f85494177d7aea7 ]

mod_waklog 0.7.0
[ MD5 = 2f91738c65717fb74690d59a41d1b226 ]

mod_waklog 0.6.0
[ MD5 = 7b91021d1334b15857b8afc94eb5b4be ]


Mod_waklog requires access to a user's Kerberos credentials to obtain AFS tokens. At U-M, we use mod_waklog in conjunction with File Drawers and CoSign to provide AFS file management over the web. These pieces of software are not required! It is certainly possible to use mod_waklog with other web ISO/SSO solutions.


Browse git repository.

git clone git://modwaklog.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/modwaklog/modwaklog

git clone ssh://username@modwaklog.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/modwaklog/modwaklog

Next, build the source code.
Below is a sample of how we've built the source code for mod_waklog.


If you have a patch to submit, please submit them on sourceforge!

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