Accessing AFS through the Web with Waklog

Jarod Malestein and Willie Northway


University of Michigan

2006 AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop

mod_waklog: What it is

mod_waklog: What it does

mod_waklog: How it works

mod_waklog: demo


mod_waklog: Caveats

mod_waklog: requirements


WebDAV issues:

We may move to a pilot phase after resolving some issues:

more WebDAV issues:

web-based file manager


So we wrote filedrawers...

Filedrawers is a file manager

new folder

manages files and directories

File Manager (part 2)

file upload

upload files

Filedrawers: view files

view image

view files with supported mime types

Filedrawers: manage permissions

manage permissions

powerful permissions manager for AFS ACLs

Filedrawers: make webspace

make webspace

Filedrawers: allow support

allow support

allows users to give administrative access of their personal space to departmental support staff

Both packages are open source

Project websites